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Parking Fees For Teachers: MOE’s Imperfect Announcement Met With Overreaction On The Internet

These two propositions can be true at the same time: That the Ministry of Education (MOE) could have improved its announcement about teachers having to pay for parking in schools, and that there has been an overreaction to the announcement on the Internet, which in turn does little to advance discourse on a broader range of challenges confronting much more or most teachers. Continue reading

Of Information And Communication

That the government is trying out different means to “simplify information and provide as much information as possible to the people” (TODAY, Oct. 11) is encouraging, though whether Singaporeans have adequate access to information is in question. This is not necessarily about the supply or presentation of information – because the government could point to quantitative data on Statistics Singapore, its fact-checking site Factually, as well as parliamentary speeches made by ministers – but about the utility of such information. Continue reading

Pritam Singh’s Straits Times Interview

Over the weekend, The Straits Times ran an interesting interview with Aljunied GRC MP Pritam Singh (aptly termed “The Supper Club”). The perpetual fixation with the recent ceiling saga notwithstanding, Mr. Singh explained his views on trust and transparency in Singapore (he says “trust is a two-way street”, and the “currency of trust is transparency”), assessed the present performance of the Workers’ Party, and also shared his experiences in Parliament, as well as from his personal life. Continue reading

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