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The Weekly Global Roundup: Busy Week For President Donald Trump (December 17 to 22, 2018)

President Donald Trump and his administration had a busy week: In response to the Las Vegas shooting last year, the sale of bump stocks is now banned; the Senate passed a sweeping, bipartisan criminal justice bill; and the Trump Foundation agreed to dissolve, after New York’s attorney general filed a lawsuit against it for violations of federal and state laws. Mr. Trump also declared an end to the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, in Syria, prompting the resignation of Defence Secretary James Mattis. Continue reading

The Weekly Global Roundup: In Pursuit Of Accountability: Myanmar, Puerto Rico, And The Vatican (August 27 to September 1, 2018)

The pursuit of accountability characterised the headlines this week: In Myanmar, where the United Nations (UN) said military leaders should be prosecuted; in Puerto Rico, where the death toll from Hurricane Maria has been revised upwards; and in the Vatican, where the Catholic Church and Pope Francis have come under fire for their mismanagement of sexual abuse cases. In Myanmar, UN investigators said that military leaders in Myanmar should be prosecuted for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide against the Rohingyas. In Puerto Rico, after admitting earlier this month that the death toll from the hurricane could be higher than 64, the government has now raised it to 2,975. And in the Vatican, there is a call for Pope Francis’s resignation, by a former Vatican ambassador to the United States who said the pope knew about allegations against a cardinal. Continue reading

The Weekly Global Roundup: A Deadly Week In Afghanistan (August 13 to 18, 2018)

Afghanistan – in the capital of Kabul, in particular – has been the site of intensified terror attacks by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and the Taliban, and in the past two weeks there were three more attacks which have led to the deaths of hundreds. This, despite an unprecedented ceasefire with the Taliban in June this year. Last week, the Taliban launched an assault on a strategic city, killing up to 150 civilians, while suicide bombers in two attacks killed dozens more. This week, Taliban insurgents overran an Afghan army base and a police checkpoint, killing at least 39 soldiers and police officers. Dozens more were killed in a suicide attack inside a classroom. Continue reading

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