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An Island Of Diversity

It may be in the media’s interest to dichotomise, but the diversity of human experiences and perspectives – be it sexual orientation, gender identity, and religiosity – is consequently ignored. For instance, while it has been the most visible in recent years, the Pink Dot movement is just one of many LGBT events and groups in Singapore. In fact Pink Dot has been challenged for its comparative silence over transgenderism, for neglecting those who identify as queer, questioning, intersex, or asexual, and for the perceived obsession over turnout. Perhaps the very use of labels like LGBT and QUILTBAG is problematic too. Continue reading


#LawrenceKhongtheBigot Continue reading

Religion In Singapore: Promoting Secular Humanism, Not “Hateism”

However, for secular humanism to take root there needs to be heightened number of quality, rational dialogues or debates in the public realm on religion and secularism, the active rejection of baseless, counterproductive “hateism”, and the proliferation of religion-based discussions in education institutions. Continue reading

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