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Religion In Singapore: Promoting Secular Humanism, Not “Hateism”

However, for secular humanism to take root there needs to be heightened number of quality, rational dialogues or debates in the public realm on religion and secularism, the active rejection of baseless, counterproductive “hateism”, and the proliferation of religion-based discussions in education institutions. Continue reading

Political Decisions: Ability And Commitment Beyond Race, Religion Or Gender

“Younger Singaporeans are a globalised lot and open to a world of possibilities” (Gen Y May Opt For Non-Chinese PM, Mr. Elgin Toh). The report “Gen Y May Opt For Non-Chinese PM” (January 29, 2011) by Mr. Elgin Toh: Minister Mentor (MM) Lee Kuan Yew’s proposition that Singaporeans are not prepared for a non-Chinese Prime … Continue reading

The Community Engagement Programme (CEP): An Exercise In Futility?

“The CEP was launched in 2006 by the Ministry of Home Affairs to build up society’s ability to cope and stay united in the event of a crisis” (Students Learn About Resilience, Miss Gwendolyn Ng). I read with great interest the report, “Students Learn About Resilience” (July 22, 2010) by Miss Gwendolyn Ng; particularly so … Continue reading

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