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Confronting Singapore’s Subpar Care Of Its Elderly

From a policy perspective – and with the intent of helping all elderly Singaporeans age gracefully and successfully, notwithstanding the varied and non-dichotomised definitions of success – the questions which follow the excellent piece about help given to the elderly and the poor (ST, Apr. 7) revolve around the evolving needs of an ageing but underprepared population, the responsibilities of the government and non-profit organisation, as well as the effectiveness of existing programmes and services. More importantly, drawing from the perspectives of those who require help, the caregivers who provide the help, and the organisations which facilitate these interactions, and turning to best practices within and beyond the country, what policy changes are needed to improve the Singaporean ageing experience? Continue reading

Six Resolutions For 2019

I review my 2018 resolutions, and look ahead to 2019, with six resolutions for the coming year. Continue reading

Update Charity Portal And Data Accessibility For Richer Picture Of Charity Landscape

Analysis of the charity landscape in Singapore has rarely gone beyond the informational and financial snapshots offered by the Commissioner of Charities (COC) through its annual reports – such as the number and types of charitable organisations, overall income and expenses and how they may have changed over time, as well as reviews or investigations of governance processes and internal controls (ST, Nov. 14) – even though the online Charity Portal maintained by the Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth (MCCY) offers a rich database of charity data which could potentially be aggregated and analysed for a richer picture of the Singaporean charity landscape. Updating the portal and increasing data accessibility would therefore be productive. Continue reading

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