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The Weekly Global Roundup: Narrow Election Victories In Panama, South Africa, And Thailand (May 6 to 11, 2019)

In Panama, centre-left candidate Laurentino Cortizo beat his centre-right rival by two percentage points, in South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa is set to retain power, albeit in his party’s worst electoral showing in 25 years, and in Thailand Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha is likely to retain his position with a slim majority. The results in Panama and Thailand have also been contested respectively for reports of voting irregularities and for a controversial formula for apportioning parliamentary seats. Continue reading

The Weekly Global Roundup: Contrition Of The Catholic Church (August 20 to 25, 2018)

In an unprecedented 2,000-word letter, Pope Frances said that the Catholic Church “has not dealt properly with ‘crimes’ against children and must prevent sexual abuses from being ‘covered up and perpetuated’”, though there are questions over whether the rhetoric will translate into more specific action. It is, in other words, a moment of reckoning for the church and its history of child sex abuse. The letter comes a week after Catholic leaders in Pennsylvania, the United States were found by a grand jury to have covered up – over 70 years – the clergy sexual abuse by 300 of their priests of at least 1,000 children, and after large-scale scandals in Australia (where an archbishop was convicted of a cover-up) and Chile (where bishops offered to resign over their failure to stem sex abuse). Continue reading

The Weekly Global Roundup: A Deadly Week In Afghanistan (August 13 to 18, 2018)

Afghanistan – in the capital of Kabul, in particular – has been the site of intensified terror attacks by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and the Taliban, and in the past two weeks there were three more attacks which have led to the deaths of hundreds. This, despite an unprecedented ceasefire with the Taliban in June this year. Last week, the Taliban launched an assault on a strategic city, killing up to 150 civilians, while suicide bombers in two attacks killed dozens more. This week, Taliban insurgents overran an Afghan army base and a police checkpoint, killing at least 39 soldiers and police officers. Dozens more were killed in a suicide attack inside a classroom. Continue reading

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