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NUS Should Make Investigation Findings Public

With a commitment to improve oversight – after it “halted student-organised freshmen orientation activities this year following a public outcry over inappropriate behaviour at previous camps” (TODAY, Aug. 17) – the National University of Singapore (NUS) should eventually make its investigation findings public, specify the transgressions uncovered, and outline in greater detail how improvements will take shape. In particular, many will expect the university to pay greater attention to sex and sexuality education, beyond the convenient references to the “rules and processes” which may have been in place, but do not appear to be adequate. Continue reading

Beyond The Exposure To Pornography

It is tempting to read our children’s exposure to pornography – based on findings gathered by Touch Cyber Wellness in Singapore (ST, Sept. 6) – with alarm, since the consumption of pornography is often perceived to be deleterious. A host of ramifications are associated with it. In the ST report, “[e]xperts say the findings are worrying as such content affects young people’s attitudes and behaviour towards love and sex, and may lead to sexual crimes”. Continue reading

Lazy, Lazy, Lazy

And if sex with minors was a concern, there could have been a probe of whether there is correlation between stricter laws and the number of suspected or actual cases of under-aged sex. How do the numbers compare over the years? Singaporeans now hold the media to higher standards, and with this lazy commentary My Paper does itself no justice. Continue reading

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