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To Fight “Fake News”, The “How” Matters Too

In the fight against misinformation and disinformation, few will disagree with “the need for media outlets to verify their sources to avoid spreading falsehoods, and for readers to examine what they read with a critical eye” (ST, Sept. 2), though perhaps two further points on the “how” should not go unnoticed: First, how should readers – especially with the explosion of news and information – go about reading more critically, and how should media outlets prioritise their stories or verify their sources; and second, what role should the government, also the chief newsmaker in Singapore, play? After all, the false report in the “Australian Teacher Magazine” was but one of two incidents in the past week. The Malaysian Health Ministry, after the death of a Singaporean in a hit-and-run accident in Johor Bahru, has taken issue with claims of treatment delay and payment. Continue reading

Good Journalism And Media Literacy Matter

Few will disagree with the need for social media sites and search engines to stem the spread of misinformation and disinformation, especially by targeting their online sources of revenue. The ability of individuals – by nudging themselves out of online “filter bubbles” and “echo chambers” – to discern between what is real and what is not, will matter even more in the future, as content consumption on the Internet increases. In this vein, nonetheless, while it is important to address the allure or the pull factors of these fake news sites, this discourse about the roles and responsibilities of the media in general should also include an evaluation of the mainstream media and its push factors. Continue reading

Five Lessons From 1,000 Blog Posts

For a blog which started on July 6, 2009 as general-paper practice – featuring rigidly-structured articles with thesis statements, content paragraphs, and one too many adverbs – getting to 1,000 posts two Saturdays ago has provided more than just academic enrichment. And because this endeavour has been so meaningful, I believe more could and should pen thoughts or perspectives too, and in the process of sharpening personal faculties contribute to a broader socio-political discourse. So here are five lessons – and reasons to start a blog – from the past seven years (based largely on a speech I gave earlier this year). Continue reading

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