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Coalition Talk Does Little For The Opposition’s Persistent Challenges

Singapore’s opposition parties need what they have always needed, with or without a coalition: A coherent political message, quality candidates, and long-term engagement on the ground. Parallels drawn to political developments in Malaysia (TODAY, Aug. 5) – especially when they are hastily or selectively drawn, such as that between Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and former presidential candidate Tan Cheng Bock, should the latter decide to lead the seven-party opposition coalition in Singapore – do not change the formula. In addition to differences in the socio-political circumstances of both countries, the most important distinction is that unlike the opposition parties in Singapore, the component parties of Malaysia’s political coalition Pakatan Harapan have had a much longer and more sustained history of actual parliamentary victory and experience. Continue reading

Post-Mortem: The Significance Of The Presidential Elections

The 2011 Elections have specifically: i) increased the population’s comprehension of the President’s duties, and allowed them to become more cognisant of the office and its constraints; ii) heightened discourse on pertinent political and socio-economic issues on the Internet and in traditional media; and iii) enhanced the public stature of the Presidential candidates, empowering them with more influence and prominence for future dialogue. Continue reading

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