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The Weekly Global Roundup: A House (Still) Divided, In The Aftermath Of The Mueller Investigation (March 18 to 23, 2019)

Special counsel Robert Mueller, after nearly two years of investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, completed his investigation. Attorney General William Barr announced the submission of the confidential report, and Mr. Barr’s key summaries of the report include: No evidence of conspiracy, no more recommendations of indictment, and that while Mr. Mueller “does not conclude” that President Donald Trump committed a crime, he “does not exonerate him” either. “Everybody is losing but feels like they’re winning”, as some are disappointed that Mr. Trump was not charged with a crime, while others notch this as a Trump victory. Continue reading

The Weekly Global Roundup: Disaster And Violence In Africa (September 24 to 29, 2018)

Disaster struck Nigeria and Tanzania, where respectively Swiss crew members of a cargo ship were taken hostage by pirates and the capsizing of a ferry killed 224 people, and violence marred diplomatic progress in Ethiopia and electoral developments in Mali. In Nigeria, a dozen crew members on the cargo ship were taken hostage by pirates, and in Tanzania, the capsizing of a ferry in Africa’s largest lake in Tanzania left 224 people dead. In Ethiopia – amidst diplomatic progress with Eritrea – episodes of ethnic violence have increased and led to the arrests of thousands. And in Mali, President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta won in the second round, though against a background of electoral fraud and violence. The opposition, however, is rejecting the election results. Continue reading

The Weekly Global Roundup: Governments Under Threat (June 18 to 23, 2018)

The governments of Germany and Nicaragua have come under threat this week, and in Colombia a conservative candidate won the presidential run-off. In Germany, after interior minister Horst Seehofer announced a tough new immigration policy last week, Chancellor Angela Merkel has two weeks to agree to a new migration policy with the European Union, or face a rebellion from her own government. In Nicaragua, protestors are looking to remove authoritarian President Daniel Ortega and his family from power. And in Colombia, conservative candidate Ivan Duque won the presidential run-off with 54 per cent of the vote. The 2016 peace agreement with former terror group the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, remains a key issue. Continue reading

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