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7 Million In Singapore: Perspectives From A (Lazy) Singaporean Youth

If you are as (lazy) busy as I am, you are not going to dissect the Population White Paper; instead, based on news reports and the figure per se, here are some perspectives. Continue reading

On Xenophobia And Public Transportation: An Open Letter

How should I be feeling instead? How best can I realign my perspectives to deal with evolving demographics? I still feel fortunate to be able to ride on a relatively reliable public transport system, but my xenophobia (mostly when taking public transport) will not abate. Continue reading

Cycling On Singapore’s Public Roads: A Former Cyclist’s Perspective

I was an avid cyclist myself, riding long distances around the island. Safety is the responsibility of both drivers and cyclists, and it always takes to hands to clap. This is something that argumentative netizens always fail to consider before shooting off at either sides. Continue reading

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